Awesome people doing awesome things

We combine design, technology and real-world knowledge to create innovative new businesses.

David Rubin
Voice of Reason
David is the guy who makes sure that our products works perfectly every time. We have yet to see him fail to spot a bug, bad design or potential security issues. In the course of his career he has integrated software into almost every major bank in SA.
Gys Muller
Local Superhero
We still haven’t found anything that Gys can’t do. From building autonomous robots, to designing an addictive game to understanding the nitty gritty of startup financing. Just give him a few days and a quiet place to sit. He is also pretty handy with an angle grinder.
Philip Perold
Coder of Note
From configuring a server, to crafting a pixel perfect user interface, to scaling an application that serves millions of users, Philip has taken the concept of a “full-stack” developer to a whole new level. He also takes incredible photos.
Anandi Ellis
Anandi came from a background in graphic and UI design. She combined this with a flair for UX, a natural programming talent and a business mindset to become the person who can design a beautiful product, build it and sell it.
Marike Brown
Marike likes to call herself a designer, because she was in the top of her class, was nominated for a Loerie award and has worked with some of the best brands in the world. On the side, she can code, build a lean startup or run an agile team when she needs to.
Carl Kritzinger
The go-to guy
Carl is equally happy when he is coding, pitching, designing, or coaching people. After building embedded systems, radio telescopes, security software, banking apps and payment startups, he spent a few months planting trees and then started FireWorks so that he could work with people who are both at the top of their game and really nice human beings.