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Turning Fireworks Into A Brand

By Marike Brown May 27, 2014

One of the biggest misconceptions about design is the belief that it is quick and easy. A design appearing simple doesn’t mean it took minimal thought or creativity. Graphic design is just like any other job – it requires a lot of experience, knowledge and dedication. It takes a few years to develop the ‘Nazi eye’.

Carl approached me in December 2013 to relook at the FireWorks logo. At first glance, my designer’s heart stopped. The logo was completely asymmetrical. It lacked balance and harmony between the logo icon and logotype. Maybe I should have warned Carl that designers are brutally honest…

To improve it I used the existing logo and just tweaked the elements. Once a brand is established you should never change it completely; rather make an upgrade. Simplicity is key. Simplify, and then simplify some more. Make it look effortless.

The most noticeable change was the icon. A hexagon is a really powerful design element, and it is really important to keep it as simple and balanced as possible. The new icon is in perfect symmetry and is very recognizable as our brand.

I kept the same font for the base of the logotype. I added a stroke to bolden the font, widened the kerning and removed the slants on the F and the S, as these were the only two different letters. I rounded the corners of the hexagon as well as the type to create a softer appearance.

Although it wasn’t a complete redesign, together the changes made a big difference. FireWorks became a brand. But I’ll let you be the judge of that:


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