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Waking up to a pink BMX

By Anandi Ellis Jun 06, 2014

I still remember my 6th birthday like it was yesterday. Waking up so early only to find it was still dark outside, but I couldn’t wait any longer! It was my birthday!!! With a creak from my bedroom door I heard my parents sneaking into the room. I peeped through a quivering eyelid, just waiting for the light to go on. And there it was: a pink BMX bicycle, the one with the tassels on the handle bars!!! That complete and utter excitement is a feeling I will never forget!

And then we grow up and birthdays become less exciting…

“Birthdays are so overrated”, “Let’s not make a big fuss this year” and “Really, I don’t need anything for my birthday” are phrases that go hand in hand with the lack of excitement as the years go by…

But no matter how hard you try, there is still that little something that happens when you wake up on your birthday. That little tingling sensation that triggers the corners of your lips, forcing you to smile.

Earlier this year it was my turn to celebrate being a year older and it was my first birthday with our new team at Fireworks.

On the way to work one’s mind starts to wonder whether your colleagues will even be aware that it is your birthday and if so, will it live up to the excitement of sneaking a peek at that metaphorical pink BMX?

If what I saw on my arrival at the office had to be compared to that morning of my 6th birthday… my BMX would have had a real life pony standing next to it! I was greeted by an excited team, a desk full of balloons, flowers, and a small ball of white fur called Astro!


At Fireworks we make an effort to make every birthday a special and personal one. We have had a scavenger hunt, baked cakes, dressed up like superheroes, went on picnics and made a lot of great memories. Secretly we all want to feel special on our birthdays. It’s great to be somewhere where it doesn’t need to be a secret.



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