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From Points To Pixels

By Marike Brown Jun 12, 2014

Five months ago life decided to take me on a new journey. It was nerve-wracking venturing into the unknown…

I have been practicing print design for 3 years. It was my comfort zone.

I have always been fascinated to see how much copy I can fit into the smallest possible space. 7 points was my friend. Light grey was my passion and paper was my obsession. There is nothing more rewarding than holding that piece of printed material in your hand. Nothing looks and feels as precious as gold foil on a business card. Printing materials can make any ordinary design extraordinary. Suddenly I did not have that luxury anymore – I was going digital.

The world of pixels and rgb was a strange place to me. Learning digital design is like learning a new language. I had no clue what HTML or CSS means. I had never heard of programs like Sourcetree or Sublime. I had never had to keep the user in mind. I had never created something as simple as a button. My first attempts were a complete failure. I designed everything in caps and made the copy as small and light as I possibly could. I had to learn to let go. Print design is very precise. You can measure every space and detail and it will always look like you designed it. The digital world just does not work that way.

I might not have paper anymore, but I have an amazing team that can make airplanes fly and illustrations move. I now have hover effects and design that is dynamic and active. Although it is a skill that I am still developing and learning about, it’s an invaluable skill set and necessity for designers in today’s market. We have to design for the future.

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