The Magic Of Efficient Markets

By Carl Kritzinger Jun 22, 2015

This weekend, I sold my ChromeCast on OLX, to a really nice guy called Jacques. I only got R300 for it (because I am bad at bargaining), but it was quick and pleasant. Afterwards, I realised that there was...

Mindset And The Mvp

By Carl Kritzinger Apr 22, 2015

In Mindset, Carol Dweck describes how people with a fixed mindset believe that abilities like intelligence can’t be changed. So they spend their lives trying to showcase their abilities and prove themselves. This can be stressful. On the other...

Open Sesame

By Gys Muller Sep 29, 2014

Our new office is pretty awesome. It is in almost every aspect better than our previous digs, with the minor exception of the main door. With our previous office we had a small tag which allowed us to open the...