The Worst That Could Happen

By Carl Kritzinger Jul 09, 2014

Almost everything that is worth doing is risky. So, if you’re not failing regularly, you should probably be spending more time doing interesting and challenging things.

I’ve found a simple trick that helps me to keep failing on a...

Form And Function

By Carl Kritzinger Jun 27, 2014

A long time ago, someone asked me whether I thought form or function was more important. My immediate reaction was “why choose?”.

In every endeavour that I have worked or played in, form and function have been fundamentally interlinked....

Hello Mr Robot

By Gys Muller Jun 24, 2014

Robots are awesome. Personally I don’t think this statement needs to be validated, but if you feel unconvinced, just check out videos here, here and here. Their awesomeness...

Message-First Product Design

By Linsen Loots Jun 14, 2014

The FireWorks team likes building things. Real things with moving parts and nice designs and actual users. Sometimes, however, it’s more effective to show how something works than to actually have it working –...